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SALE! 50% Off

Receive over 50% off this online class!!! A 3 hour Masterclass, facilitated by Tuğçe Koçoğlu-Hobden. Have you had enough of being a slave to your emotions? Do you want to learn to be mistress or master of them, and take back control over your life? If so, this Masterclass is for you.

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  • Do you find it difficult to focus? 

  • Do you find yourself getting overwhelmed?

  • Do you notice yourself holding your breath while reading emails?

  • Do you feel guilty for reacting to your children, instead of responding?

  • Do you feel you're not in control?

  • Do you give your power away to others, saying yes when you actually mean no, then feel resentful towards them?

  • Do you feel anxious and lack energy?

This was my experience at the start of lockdown 2.0. I found myself constantly snapping at my kids and husband,  I was comparing myself to other mums on my facebook feed who seemed to have homeschooling all under control, while I was having daily battles with my youngest.  I would feel pangs of jealousy reading newsletters of other coaches who were launching their polished New Year's programmes, whilst I struggled to even get a post out on Instagram! I felt like I was failing as a mum and as a business woman.  

I wondered why as a Transformational Coach and someone who had a daily meditation and yoga practice, I was feeling like this. A few days later, during a lecture I attended, led by Guru Singh, he spoke of Emotionology - the science behind emotions - I had an AHA moment. I knew I had to share this knowledge with as many people as I could, in a new and accessible way.

This is why I’ve developed this Masterclass for you...

How to use Emotions as Tools in Business and Life to create more energy, harmony, peace and joy.

If any of the above resonates, I imagine you're looking for more freedom in your life?  It might be freedom from anxiety, stress or fear? Or freedom from negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and self doubt? Freedom from being reactive to your emotions?  Freedom from obligation to others?

You want to have less arguments with your parter, have more heart-led conversations, not be triggered by your social media feed, your mother-in-law or boss, to stop snapping at your kids, and be free from resentment, guilt and shame.  

You might also want to stop comparing yourself to others and to begin feeling comfortable in your own skin, start feeling confident about your decisions, and start believing in you. 

 What you’ll get from signing up to this Masterclass:

- Advice and techniques to help you relieve anxiety and stress

- How to stop email / text / social media apnea 

- How to stop taking on other people’s emotions  

- Have stronger boundaries

- Better understand your own emotions and why you react 

- Practices to sooth and calm your nervous system 

- Exercises to calm your mind and body through breath and movement 


Because managing a family and career is bloody hard work and can be challenging and stressful, so much that you sometimes want to lock yourself up in the bathroom and cry! 

Self care is important, and not just bubble baths and manicures, but putting your own needs first, saying yes to you, loving yourself unconditionally and looking after your mental and emotional health and wellbeing.  Then there is being open to receive help from others, which as women, let's be honest, we're not that great at. I know I definitely wasn't.

Because YOU are worth taking time out for.  You are worth putting your needs ahead of others.  What good are we to others if we are not fulfilled first? Remember the inflight videos - there is a reason we put the oxygen mask on ourselves FIRST!

Because your kids, family and friends need YOU to be operating at the highest level of you.  


What are emotions?

What does it mean to transform our emotions?

Emotions are simply energy in motion.  They are neither good nor bad, they just are. They are part of being human.  Imagine in a just few hours being able to change your relationship with your emotions?

- Do you feel guilty everytime you’re jealous of  someone when scrolling through facebook?

- Did you know that you can use that jealousy to spur you into action? 

- Are you tired of flying off the handle or snapping at your kids or husband?

- Rather than reacting in the moment I can teach you how to channel that anger and frustration into passion and action.

If you like the sound of this Masterclass and would like to find out more about me and the work I do you can;

Come and join one of my weekly Kundalini Yoga classes here

Or book your Free Consultation call here to design your 1:1 bespoke programme with me as your Coach.

You don’t have to be a slave to your emotions, you can learn to be the mistress or master of them and start leading a more harmonious, peaceful and fulfilling life today.

I’ll be combining my Coaching tools with Kundalini, working with the physical & the metaphysical.  We will be using powerful pranayam (breathwork), simple asanas (postures), to stimulate specific glands and organs, and help energy flow through the chakras (energy centres).

See you there!

With love, 

Tuğçe x

Photo by Mayur Gala on Unsplash